Precise surveying

The actual surveying takes place in a suitable combination of several geodetic methods: laser scanning and ground or aerial digital photogrammetry. We then process such obtained data in specialised SW and then deliver to the client typical drawings on a scale of 1:50 (1:100) showing the required details of various architectural features and parts of a building.

Smart outputs

The output of the survey of the actual condition of a building is digital construction and technical documentation, which contains a situation drawing, floor plan of individual floors (including all vexisting structures, longitudinal and transversal sections and views of all facades of a building).

Description of outputs

Obviously floor plans contain an integrated dimensioning system including a detailed description of heights, levels, openings, staircases, roof frames, etc.

In longitudinal and transversal sections and in views of individual facades the heights are marked and illustrated either conventionally by drawings on a scale of 1:50 or simply with the possibility of registration with orthophoto views (they appear either from point clouds or with the use of 3D models with texture).

We deliver outputs typically in digital form in common formats: drawing file *.dwg, *.dgn or *.dxf.