Photogrammetry is the art, science and technology of obtaining information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring and interpreting photographs.

Photogrammetry is a standard geodetic method used to take geospatial 3D data.

Orthophoto map

A typical example is the orthophoto map. In this case most of us imagine for example an orthophotomap on googlemaps, etc. The advantage of the orthophoto maps we create is their greatly enhanced details (resolution for example of 2 cm vs. ca 20 cm on googlemaps) and in current acquired data (we always take images of the current situation, based on an order vs. images of the entire Czech Republic ca. twice a year).

An orthophoto map offers a bird’s eye view of the object of interest which enables a better perception and broader context of the given location. As a result, facts often appear in the territory of interest which would not be apparent if seen by the naked eye. We can create an orthophoto map in various formats – always according to the wishes of the client.


Digital terrain model

Another most commonly inquired for output is DTM (digital terrain model). This records the actual situation of locations of interest in 3D, i.e. all surveyed points have automatic X, Y and Z coordinates. We create this 3D model very effectively (100 ha/1 h!) and the data are highly detailed (detailed points may only be several centimetres from each other), i.e. this is an idea basis, for example, for design work whether for transport, building or water works or for repairing and reconstructing interiors or facades.

A great advantage is also the creation and processing of 3D models during cubature computations. Thanks to the greater details and plasticity of surveying, we also get highly accurate cubature computations when comparing different situations (before and after extraction/bringing in material).

We submit work in a format according to the customer’s requirements (*.dwg, *.tiff, *.geotiff, *.las, *.ply, *.pdf )
A conventional scale of geodetic outputs can also be processed from the outputs of photogrammetry:
  • topographic and altimetric plan in various details (scale) of surveying
  • contour plan in 3D
  • longitudinal profile, transversal sections
  • actual building design documentation (ABDD)
  • road inventory
  • views of facades, floor plans and sections through a building