If you own or want to own any real estate property, you will certainly be interested in its ownership boundaries and acreage.

Land plots and their ownership are registered at the relevant cadastral authority, but surveying and all geodetic work is carried out by private firms.

It is your obligation to ensure compliance between the facts and information kept at the real estate cadastre.

The surveying which is carried out for the real estate cadastre must meet all the requirements laid down by Act No. 256/2013 Coll. (the Cadastral Act). Simply speaking, if the surveying is to be part of some document that is submitted for registration at a cadastral authority, it must be confirmed by an authorised surveying engineer with a “round stamp with the state coat of arms”.

Our team colleagues have many years of experience – since 1992 they have been engaged in geodetic work in a cadastre and therefore we will be able to deal with your property law relationships.