Given the huge development of electronic and computer technology, this also led to the development of so-called unmanned aerial vehicles or drones after the turn of the millennium. Technology enthusiasts use them to take aerial shots and make videos for example of sunsets, shots of human dwellings, etc.

Geodata collection technology with the aid of UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) is used for a whole number of human activities and helps our clients from various areas in their everyday work. A drone is an unmanned aircraft that flies on its own with the aid of programmed flight plans.


For many applications our autonomous mini – UAVs effectively replace a manned aircraft (and its negative properties – economy of operation, noise, environmental pollution). Our UAVs are very light (900 g) and are designed for professional mapping work.

We are not just enthusiasts, but professionals. We use drones mainly for the purpose of digital photogrammetry, which is a specialised method of data collection and processing (taking aerial shots and processing them in special software) thanks to which we obtain not just a conventional geodetic survey in an extraordinarily effective way for the client, but also a further number of useful outputs.

Quick data collection

Drone scanning enables quick data collection, often without the need to actually having to physically enter a location. This is a great advantage for certain types of operations (quarries and surface mining in general, settling ponds and hazardous waste sites, dumps, etc.) or for monitoring locations after a sudden incident or natural disaster (flood, earthquake, landslide, etc.)

Clear outputs

Outputs from aerial photogrammetry are very clear even to a lay person – this often involves a detailed orthophoto map, digital location model, graphic illustration of the cubature balance (embankments/excavations), contour plan, etc.

We always submit geo-referenced outputs, i.e. connected to the S-JTSK and Bpv coordinate system – just as any other geodetic work. Documents always come with an OASE (officially authorized surveying engineer) round stamp and in their content and accuracy meet the requirements for a quality geodetic survey.

Modern air fleet

We have a modern air fleet – drones of the Swiss company senseFly (we own the first commercially operated eBee in the Czech Republic) and of the global leader in the market in the quadcopter segment, the company DJI.

Guarantee of professionalism,

experience and a CAA licence

The core of CheckTerra s.r.o. consists of a team of experience professionals, certified pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (certification from the CAA – Civil Aviation Authority).

Then CheckTerra s.r.o., as a legal entity, also has CAA certification – a licence for aerial work.

Most of our customers are: